Why CrossFit Parallax?

Choosing the right gym is a big decision, especially if you’re new to CrossFit. CrossFit Parallax is an easy decision because of a few simple, but important reasons.


At CrossFit Parallax, you’re not just a member, you are an athlete. Nobody understands that better than us. With a passion for fitness driving each workout, there is nothing we won’t do to help you reach your full potential. Between scaling down any type of wod (workout of the day) for beginners to working around an injury, our coaches know the importance of not only safety, but also physical limitations.

Our athletes range from teenage years to senior citizens, beginner to regional competitors, and everywhere in between.

We also feel that the positive energy and environment created at CrossFit Parallax can’t be compared. The community we establish shows through our camaraderie that is built upon each day. Finishing your hardest workout may feel impossible, but with support and encouragement through others, you can overcome any obstacle!

“My gym is different than other gyms.
I am different because of my gym.”

The name Parallax refers to the difference in viewpoints between two separate locations. We believe that the CrossFit community views fitness in a different way than the rest of the human race. CrossFit can teach you more than just how to lift, how to squat or how to climb a rope. It humbles you, and builds character through each and every workout you push yourself through. This also transfers into daily life through your diet and the things you put into your body.

Cleaner eating + killer workouts = a happier and healthier you. This way of life is understood by the community of people who participate in CrossFit. We believe that this is a lifestyle, not just a visit to the gym.
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