On July 18th, 8 of our athletes from Crossfit Parallax will venture out to Carson, CA to compete in the 2016 Crossfit Games! We have 2 masters athletes & a team that have qualified, for the first time ever!.

The carnival will be a fundraiser to help the athletes with their travel expenses. All ages and levels of fitness are welcome! No CrossFit experience needed!! Food & drinks will be available for purchase.

Some of the games will challenge you to complete as many reps as you can in a timed setting; such as partner jumprope, push ups, wall balls, etc. 

Some games will have a certain amout of reps that you will try to finish the fastest; such as pistols, sprinting for a specific distance, or burpees.

Additionally, some games will be more skill involved; such as cornhole, keg toss, horse shoes, and more!! 

The scores for each game/activity will be kept track of throughout the day and the person with the best score will win a prize!! 

SO if you ever were interested in testing how many air squats you can do in a minute, or how far you can handstand walk, or how fast you can run 100 meters, start practicing those skills!! And if you have been hesitant about trying crossfit or are unfamiliar with the movements, this is a great time to come out and try
some for fun!!

Click HERE for our FB event page!! 

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