Brittany Longo

Brittany Longo

About Brittany Longo:

Went to Rowan University to major in elementary education and writing arts. Brittany danced at a young age and played field hockey in middle & high school. Her favorite part of CrossFit is the community that she has grown to know and love.
"Brittany is a technically sound CrossFit athlete and has a great outgoing personality. Her hardworking competitive nature has helped her improve from where she started." - fellow Crossfitter Dan Walsh
Brittany Longo
Brittany Longo
Perhaps the most interesting thing about Coach Brittany is her journey since starting CrossFit in May 2013. CrossFit has become the first fitness endeavor that she has stuck to, and it has changed her life completely. Besides the weight she has lost, she has become extremely strong not only under the barbell, but also moving her own body weight.

    Favorite Lift:

  • Cleans

    Favorite Gymnastics Movement:

  • Pull-Ups

    Favorite Girls WOD:

  • Fran
Brittany Longo
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